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Interview session with the Daily Fresh's Franchisee

Enquiries to the Franchisee

I would like to  thank you for Daily Fresh's and also the Franchisee owner of Time square, who provided me useful information and your co-operate during the interview session.

1. Are you pleased with your investment in this franchise?
    A:  For the past few years and we have already set up five outlets, the performance of each outlet is vary and some appear to be disappointing. But overall the investment in the franchise is satisfactory.

2. How much money are you making in your investment?
    A: In our case, our cash are all immediate invest in another shops, we are creating liabilities before we get profit. Hence there is no making money yet, we are barely breaking even.

3. Has the franchisor lived up to his promises? How the franchisor prepare you before you run the franchise?
    A:  The franchisor did a good job in assisting, so far, the promises and fulfilled. Before we set up a shop, a blue print of our outlet design has to be examined by the franchisor, and franchisor will advise and give opinion in how to improvise. Besides they do provide staff training and send staff as support during the opening.

4. What is your franchises cash flow like? Average profit per day?
    A: The cash flow can be vary from different outlet location and season. On average, revenue per day can be RM 300-500 to RM1000-RM2000. 

5. What are your biggest challenges and problems while running your franchise business?
    A: Challenges in running a business always exist, from quality control to staff management. Yet, to be particular in franchise business, the issue that might bring a concern is we cannot change or modify the product. For example, they are high demand of using honey as the filling of waffles or lemon as the topping of corns, yet we could not just add-on the product because they have to be served in a manner as the franchisor does. 

6. How effective was the training you received in helping you run the franchise? What kind of training or assistance provided by the franchisor to you?
    A: In my opinion, training is always better with on-hand practical training. Franchisors allow us to send our staffs to an operating outlet, and the experienced workers or trainers will provide sufficient in preparing the product as well as doing the sales report.

7. How much cost pay for loyalty to the franchisor & advertising fees?
    A: The loyalty is 5% of the total revenue, whereas advertising fee is vary each year, but usually is within ten thousand. 

8. What do you like most about being a franchisee? And the least?
    A: One of the favorable franchise traits is sharing the brand name. It is difficult to build a position in consumer mind from an unknown brand. With the strong brand name, it helps a lot in positioning. Besides, we could rely on the specialize R&D of franchisor, which we do not have to worry what new product should be introduced. The least favorable thing would be the lack of flexibility. We have to serve or prepare product in a guided manner. There is a lot of customers who reflect some idea for us, yet we could not just modify products or preparation for the product.

9. Knowing what you know now, would you buy this franchise again?
    A: In my opinion, franchise is one of the best options where investor has limited knowledge about the market and with limited resources. For current circumstances, with the limited resources we holding, we would still go for franchise if we plan for further investment.

10. What was your greatest disappointment after getting into this business?
      A: There is not much of disappointment in the sense of the franchising system. Just a minor issue such as could not modify product and have to follow the guideline which sometimes create wastage of ingredient.

Here are some picture that provide by the Daily Fresh franchise at Time square.

Interview session with the Daily Fresh's Franchisor

Enquiries to the Franchisor

1. How many outlet you having now?
    A: We have more than 800 outlet around the wold and have total 105 outlet in whole Malaysia.

2. What is the background of the company and its performance record?
     A: Daily Fresh Foods Group have started at 1997, and we have many achievements like Brand  Excellence in Industrial Excellence Award 2006 & 2010, Most Promising Franchisor Award 2007, Best Outlet Growth Award 2007 & 2008, Franchise Innovation Award 2010 and Franchise of The Year Award 2011 in Malaysian Franchise Association(MFA) and etc.

3. What are the names, addresses, and phone numbers of existing franchisees in my trade area?
    A: All the thing is follow your own information of the existing franchise in your trade area.

4. What is the process for purchase franchise?

  • Cost
  • Requirement
  • Length of contract

    A: We have few type of franchise concept and there are different cost for those franchise. We have no requirement for the franchisee.

5. How to provide training for franchisee?
    A: We will provides hands on training for you staff, the duration of training is about 1 to 2 week. Our training program lays significant role in the business development and globalization process.

6. Did you provide your franchise information to franchisee?

  • Success rate
  • Profit

    A: Yes, we will provide the information to the franchisee.

7. Is there any restriction to franchisee?
    A: There are no any restrictions for the franchisee.

8. How do you settle customer complaint?
    A: All the customer complaint just only inform our company and it will settle by our HR Department.

9. What is the process to quit your franchise?
    A: If you want to quit, you must notify our company and we will consider to get back the operating rights or sell it. 

 10. How you help a low income franchise outlet?
       A: For those low income outlet, our company will think of ways to help them, like have a contest, promotion to help them up.

News of Daily Fresh


Daily Fresh to open 5 kiosks in Sarawak next year

KUALA LUMPUR: Daily Fresh, a franchisor of casual kiosks selling snack food, desserts and beverages, aims to open 35 new kiosks by the end of 2013 through its franchise system.

Daily Fresh franchise development manager Mohd Ashraf Yong said of the 35 kiosks, five of which are targeted to be opened in Sarawak next year.
"This is due to the favourable market demand from East Malaysia," Ashraf said.
To date, the company has opened about 105 kiosks across Malaysia, of which 39 are owned by Daily Fresh and the rest are franchised kiosks.
Speaking to Business Times in an interview recently, he said Daily Fresh's strength lies in the low investment that is required to open a kiosk and its easy-to-manage business module.

Ashraf said the start-up investment is about RM100,000, while the franchise fee is RM25,000.
For this year, the company plans to open 10 new kiosks, while 25 more will be open next year.
Ashraf said the new kiosks will include Fresh Daily kiosks at Petronas' Kedai Mesra. He believes this will able to strengthen and improve customer access to its business operations.
"We will work with Petronas on the plan to open kiosks at Kedai Mesra. It offers big potential because Petronas owns about 490 petrol stations nationwide," he said.
"We are looking at the potential location of petrol stations before it is offered to prospective franchisees," Ashraf said.
Established in 1986, Daily Fresh sells snack food like Cup Corn, Wafito (waffle), IceKimo (fresh fruits, natural flavoured ice and fruit toppings) and Gelato (ice cream). The best-selling item is Cup Corn.

Franchise International Malaysia 2012

Our course are introduced for this Franchise International Malaysia 2012 exhibition by our lecturer, Mr. Stephen Ong who teach us in the subject Entrepreneurship for this semester. So my classmates and I went for a visit for this exhibition at PWTC on July 6th, Friday. We are require to attend for this exhibition in PWTC to have a visit and interview those franchisors for our franchise assignment during the lecture time of Entrepreneurship this week that suppose to be on morning 10am-12pm.

Because of the place in PWTC, most of us are no transportation so we decided to meet at school in 9am and then take our classmate's car to go the exhibition. Our lecture is requires us to wear formal so most of us are all dressed up  formal dress code. We are arrive to the venue at about 9.45am which took us about 15minutes to reach from the college. Before going the exhibition, we need to register at the registration counter, my classmate and I was quickly fill in the registration forms and queue up for the ID making.

The exhibition are held at 2nd floor, Tun Hussein Onn Hall. After register we go up to the venue, but because we are arrive there a little early and not allow to go in the exhibition before 10am, so we have to wait until 10am just only can enter for the exhibition.

When we enter the exhibition, we was saw a lot of franchise at there. Some of them are the famous franchise which is McDonald's, Tutti Frutti, Marrybrown, Daily Fresh and etc. So my classmate and I was walk around the exhibition hall to obtain the information to determine the franchise that for our assignment.

we are inquiry information from the exhibitiors

Finally, I decided to choose Daily Fresh as my franchise that for my assignment. The booth of Daily Fresh at there is the 1 of concept of they franchise which is Kiosk concept. They are provide the demo on the products of Daily Fresh and allows the public to have a taste on their products. They also give us to try for their new product that haven launching. We was try some of their product and the taste are not bad.

This is some picture for the booth of Daily Fresh.

My friend, Evonne and I doing on the same Franchisor but different locations so we decided to interview the people in-charge of Daily Fresh Marketing together to request for information that we needed to be place in our assignments. There are some marketing staffs of the company was around there to assist you if you are interested to know more about their franchise operating system and license applications. I was take some brochure from the booth to know more about Daily Fresh and there are almost all the information that I need is inside the brochure. So I only enquire some question that are not stated in the brochure and I was feel happy that the person in charge are very willing to answer our questions. There are quite many people who interested to get franchising of Daily Fresh as you can see on this picture above. As a prove, Daily Fresh had grown wider in Malaysia and they have 105 outlets all around the country.

there are a lot of people are asking for the information

I was take a photo to prove I am attend the exhibition

Afer completed for asking some of the information of Daily Fresh, I was continue to visit the other booths. I was disappointed with some people in-charge do not want to answer our questions due to we are student. We are meet with other and leave the exhibition around 11 something as we having another class in college at 12pm.

we are take photo as our attendance 

These are the name card and brooches collect from the exhibition

Franchise International Malaysia 2012

Profile FIM2012

FIM2012 is the largest annual franchising exhibition and conference in Southeast Asia and the only franchise event officially sanctioned by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-Operatives & Consumerism (MDTCC) and Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA).

Attaining its 19th year pinnacle with proven organizing track records, the FIM is a melting pot of local and international franchise players into a world full of opportunities. It will assemble main players in the franchise sector from all around the world to discuss current franchise issues and focusing franchise as a key strategy in developing entrepreneurship in Malaysia especially in retail and service sectors. This is the perfect venue to launch new franchise system, appoint master franchisees, and identify potential local franchisees, matchmaking and networking functions.

Malaysia is one of the regional fastest growing franchise markets. With invaluable support from Malaysian government, top franchisors and key financial institution, FIM2012 promises to be the premier event for continuing successful development of the franchise industry in Malaysia as well as Southeast Asia region. Therefore, take this advantage to expand your business opportunities at FIM2012.


Exhibition Profile

·       Accounting/ Tax Services
·       Childcare/ Child Development
·       Adult Education/ Enrichment & Training Centers
·       Computers/ Electronic Products
·       Apparels/ Shoes & Bags
·       Consultancy Services
·       Associations
·       Convenience Stores
·       Automotive Products & Services
·       Gifts/ Stationery/ Florists/ Arts & Crafts
·       Bakery/ Confectioneries/ Snacks/ Specialty Food
·       Franchise Suppliers/ Retail Equipment & Technology
·       Beauty/ Spa 
·       Home Furnishings/ Furniture
·       Books & Educational Products
·       Fast Food/ Restaurants
·       Printing & Photocopying Services
·       Food and Beverages
·       Health & Fitness
·       Others

Who should attend?

·       Business Owners / Entrepreneurs
·       Government Executives
·       Potential Franchise Buyers/ Potential Franchisees
·       Lawyers & Accountants
·       Franchisors and Franchisees
·       Media Representatives
·       Franchise Consultants / Intellectual Property Consultants
·       Researchers / Academicians
·       Business Consultants
·       Students (Universities, College etc)
·       Franchise Company Executives
·       Others
·       Investors

Location Map


Sprawling over 1.7 million square feet with 253,000 sq feet of exhibition space, Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) is known for its high levels of personal service and a flexible approach to event management, making it popular with event organizers and meeting planners alike.

Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC)
Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480, Kuala Lumpur
Tel          : +603-2614 6999
Fax         : +603-4043 3777

Franchise International Malaysia 2012

The Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives & Consumerism (MDTCC) once again brings you the 19th Franchise International  Malaysia 2012 (FIM2012). As in previous years, FIM2012 will feature local and international franchise companies as well as gathering the franchise fraternity to exhibit and further promote the franchise industry in Malaysia.

When: July 7th 2012

Where: Tun Hussein Onn Hall, PWTC


The Malaysian Franchise Association (MFA) was formed in 1994 to support the implementation of the Government program to promote entrepreneurship through franchising. The formation of MFA was indeed timely as to promote the development of franchising in Malaysia. MFA will serve as a resource center for both current and prospective franchisors and franchisees, as well as for media and the public. 

  • The Silver Lining Within - Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Patron, MFA 
  • The Franchising Way - Dato Sri Ismail Sabri Yaakob, Minister, MDTCC
  • 2013 Economic Outlook - Dato' Hafsah Hashim, CEO, SME Corp
  • Taiwan, China and India's Market Updates - Albert Kong, MD, Asiawide
  • The Role of IP in Franchising - Neil Wilson, Director, WIPO
  • Building a Super National Brand - Tan Sri Tony Fernandes, CEO, AirAsia
  • Globalising the Rights - Rodney Wakefield, CEO, Gloria Jeans, Australia 

Daily Fresh Franchise Business

Cup Corn, was the franchise business concept of Daily Fresh Foods and it is the leading in the market and overseas. It has since then created a storm and expended to more than 20 countries with over 1600 outlets worldwide ranging from Asia, Middle East and South Africa. The mentioned of “Daily Fresh” is no foreign as we have made a name for ourselves worldwide.
As a Daily Fresh franchisee, not only will enjoy the great products but also the profit margin. Franchisee shall be entitled to use the name, goodwill, trade secrets and receipt of premium Whole Kernel Corn, Wafito , IceKimo as well as Gelato.

  • Low investment (ideal for entrepreneur with low start up capital).
  • Low risk.
  • High income
  • Fast investment return.
  • Established brand world wide (instantly attract customer).
  • Easy manage.
  • Fresh and Healthy products.

With its proven successful concept and award winning franchise, Daily Fresh is one of the most popular franchising partners. With the team of committed managers, executives and staff, Daily Fresh will continue to strive in terms of maintaining the quality of our products and services. Daily Fresh are determined to be at the top and to remain the competitiveness for many years to go. Daily Fresh looks forward to working together with more and more partners in order to make the coming years a strong, powerful and successful of the franchisees business.



  • Franchise of The Year Award
  • Franchisor of The Year Award


  • Franchise Innovation Award
  • International Homegrown Franchisor Award
  • Excellence Agriculture Industry (Private Sector)
  • Brand Excellence Award Winner (Merchandise)


  • Most Promising Franchisor Award
  • International Homegrown Franchisor Award
  • Brand Excellence Award (Merchandise)
  • Industrial Excellence Award


  • Most Promising Franchisor Award
  • Best Outlet Growth Award
  • International Homegrown Franchisor Award
  • The Brand Laureate Award


  • Most Promising Franchisor Award
  • Best Outlet Growth Award


Daily Fresh have 2 type concept of outlet which are Cafe concept and Kiosk concept. For the Kiosk concept there have 2 type of design Standard Kiosk and Island Kiosk. The inspiration for the unique shape and design of kiosk comes from the springing of Corn Sprout from earth which also symbolizes the beginning of a fresh and new existing life. Customers are well attracted by our design from all walks of life.

This is the franchise fee for Cafe & Kiosk concept outlet.


Daily Fresh Foods continues to be recognized as one of the market leader in the sweet corn franchising business worldwide. They believe the key success to the business training rendered exclusively to every franchisee prior to becoming a business owner / operator. Daily Fresh Foods provides hands on training and the materials needed to be succeeding in the business.
The franchising system is built on the premise that Daily Fresh Foods is deemed to be successful if the business owner / operators are successful. Daily Fresh Foods believe in business partnering relationship with the business owner / operators, suppliers and employees. The training program plays significant role in the business development and globalization process.